Simpson Juniour/Child

Simpson Helmet JR SPEEDWAY SHARK-SFI 24.1 Rated - SNELL SA2015 Black SIM 178
Simpson R3 YOUTH Head and Neck Restraint HANS DeviceSFI 38.1
High quality carbon construction
The R3 Carbon protects without being dependent on the seatbelts
The R3 disappears into the seat for ultimate head restraint comfort
The R3 is designed to travel with the driver and does not rely on seatbelts to be effective
R3 worn by: Time Shaffer, A410 Sprint Car / Johnny
Greaves, Off Road / Tim Wilkerson, NHRA Drag

Simpson JR Speedway Shark Iridium Metalised VisorAvailable in Light Smoke, Clear, Dark Smoke, Amber, Iridium and Silver

Simpson Junior Speedway Shark visor in Amber With  Blue Blocker shield J88603